by using all natural ingredients that have protective properties and a boost of great scent, we've formulated a great solution that not only gets rid of dirt, sweat/odor but leaves your shoes smelling ahhhhmazing!


Dirt and sweat can definitely obstruct the shoes breathability amongst other things. but Just For Kicks shoe brushes are designed to get deep into the fabric without damage.


Don't waste your time and energy putting your shoes out to dry after soaking them in a buckt of soapy water or putting balled up paper inside the shoes. leave that in the in 2022. Just For Kicks microfiber towel is extremely absorbent. That's all you need. Period.


The Just For Kicks Water & Stain Repellent Spray provide long lasting protection against whatever mother nature throws at you.


We offer a very simple, easy-to-use and super effective products that not only cleans/protects the integrity and quality of the shoes, but gives your shoes a long lasting fresh scent thats irresistible.

  • natural organic ingredients

    while we tread mother nature, lets keep her clean by using organic ingredients that are effective and protective

  • satisfaction guranteed

    every customer matters so we give you our best at a great price

  • fast delivery

    we don't waste time getting our products to you.

  • made in the USA

    helping support the american/local economy by keeping jobs on our soil for future generations.